Sunday, April 21, 2013

Exciting News!

This week I had the pleasure of attending a Unity Run at Fit2Run, in Estero, Florida. This isn't the first time I have attended one of their weekly fun runs, but this run took on a new meaning - to honor the victims of Monday's Boston Marathon bombing. I got to the store a little early Wednesday evening to change into my running clothes and was surprised to find the local press was there to take picture and ask questions. Wink News asked if I would talk on camera about the events that happened in Boston, but I knew right away I wouldn't be able to make it through the interview without crying, so I graciously declined. I did give a statement to the News Press and you can find it in the first link below. 
 Several dozen runners came out for the event. Many dressed in blue and yellow to show their support. The manager of Fit2Run, Kimmi van der Veen, handed out ribbons and race bib to all the runners that read "4-15-13 Boston - Runners United To Remember". It was such a great touch. Then, Kimmi lead us in a moment of silence before we all set out on the 5k course. It was a nice run, with lots of encouraging words, support, and genuine care for one another. It was the perfect representation of why I love the sport of running and why no one, not even a terrorist, will keep the running community down!

Walking out to start the Unity Run

After the run, the fun continued with the Fit2Run Ambassador Acceptance Party. Yes, I am thrilled to say I am a official Fit2Run Ambassador and I couldn't be happier to be chosen. I love Fit2Run! Not because the store has everything you could ever want or need for running. Not even because they are the one store that personally found out what shoe worked best for my wide, flat feet. No, I love Fit2Run because it is so welcoming and accommodating to all abilities of runners, and their ultimate goal is to do whatever they can to help you improve your run. They offer clinics, demonstrations, and best of all weekly fun runs to bring the running community together. I am so excited about the opportunities being an ambassador will hold for me plus, I have to say the fun loving group of 19 other ambassadors chosen for this year are a one of a kind group, that I am very proud to be a part of!


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